2019 Dane County Alzheimer's Walk

My amazing mom, Mary.
My amazing mom, Mary.

Memories with Mary

When I was looking through old pictures of my family I came across this one with my mom, now you know where I get my white hair!  It brought tears to my eyes to see so many pictures of my mother as a young woman and then when she was older and she looked so compromised.  We would lovingly sometimes say "the lights were on but nobody is home", such a stark contrast to the warm, gorgeous, loving woman who was so grateful and full of life.  Please come and walk with us on September 14th at Warner Park at 9:00am  in Madison, support us in any way that you choose.  

Somehow this rotten disease has got to be eliminated, for all we love now who have Alzheimer's and for all the rest yet to come.

From my mom above and me, thank you!


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