2018 Dane County Alzheimer's Walk Madison

My amazing mom, Mary.
My amazing mom, Mary.

Memories with Mary

As many of you know, my sweet mom died with Alzheimers' after about a 10 year journey at the age of 69, ugh!!!! As I am now in my early 60's that age doesn't seem as far away.

Please join me in this effort to get alittle closer to eliminating this debilitating disease. Please join me for this beautiful walk and you will meet some very special people. Your monetary support will help the cause that affects so darn many people, maybe even someone you know and love.

We need to find a way to frankly "keep our brains" so I walk each year and am so grateful to all of you who walk and support this very important cause to me and so many. I would love to see you and catch up with you. If you can join me, and the other wonderful people who walk with me, it will be a great way to begin your day and get us one step closer to remembering our names as well as those of the people we love for the rest of our days.

With grateful heart and alert mind, thanks,


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